Dungeon 23: Part 2


We're still in the Abyss.

January 8: Shard of Hate

White marble walls go up as far as can be seen (forever) disappearing in mist. Mirrored floor. A central 20' jagged black crystal pillar stretches up in the center of the room. Emanates an aura of pure hatred. Bodaks emerge from this pillar when they're created by Graz'zt or his minions.

January 9: Armory of Broken Dreams

The western wall of this otherwise austere white marble room is covered in blood red velved and decorated with an assorment of arms and armor. It is all fantastic, excellent quality, and clearly magic. What appears matches the desires of the viewer. It's also real. But. Every piece will fail catastrophically when it is needed the most. If lethal damage is about to occur to the user the shield will shatter, armor will fall apart, sword split and give. In that moment, Graz'zt will appear to the user (in a time stop type situation) and offer to save them in exchange for their soul. If they refuse he watches them die and laughs. If they agree to his terms, its even worse, but they'll survive this moment.

January 10: The Library of Vanity

This 40x90 room is filled with spiraling sculptures that look like columnar crystal chandelieres arranged in rows like stacks in a library of books. Each mirrored disc is a portal to a mirror of a target vain enough for Graz'zt to go visit. The mirrors connect to different points in time as well as in space. You can walk straight through the room with no problem, but if you linger, it begins to expand infinitely (slowly). It's best to only research with The Librarian. The librarian is a lamia with a white lion body. She is helpful but aloof. Refuses to say her name, and will absolutely eat you if you're alone.

January 11: Cambion Barracks

More like a plush lounge than a barracks. Beds and divans covered with sheer red draperies in a large 20x50 room. There are no windows, but a central pillar of Astral Starlight bathes the room in shifting colors. 8 cambions lair here and there's usually at least one mortal being fucked and/or ripped into bloody shreds at any given time. There are several stands of black mirrored armor and weapons.

January 12: Unhath's Lair

A pleasant looking "conversation pit" with red cushions in a floor or white marble is overshadowed by walls of human skulls and vines. Bright flowers with poisonous scents bloom and die in the skull mouths giving the room a colorful scintillation. Kinetic sculptural chandeliere. Buttons in the pit raise and lower sets of weapons and armor (for a marilith) from the floor. The eastern wall can open to the outside where poison-soul vines lead up and down the tower.

January 13: Blood Elevators

These two, fully mirrored rooms are identical. There are buttons on the wall. The doors slide apart to open. The floor is disconnected slightly from room 10. The are lines of holes on the top and bottom of each wall. They fill the room with blood. Completely. Then the elevator goes on its way. A human only going one or two floors could probably hold their breath. The blood is fresh and warm and might not even be felt by warm blooded creatures.

January 14: Korag's Cage

A black spherical adamantite cage holds a huge naked balor. He barely fits and his black leathery wings and red skin are pressed up against the bars. His eyes are fire and filled with hate. He tried to invade Graz'zt domain 200 years ago and has been stuck here ever since. Graz'zt likes to taunt him and make him angry for amusement.